Garcia Beaches

Vieques has the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and the the most peaceful. The most popular are part of the Vieques Fish & Wildlife Refuge. To reach these beaches head down 997 until you see Garcia Gate. At the entrance you will see SOL FOOD, a roadside stop that is top ranked in Trip Advisor's restaurant list.

vieques garcia gate beaches map

garcia beach - vieques, puerto rico
Playuela - Garcia Beach

A bit of a walk from the parking area (approx. 1 mile) is what makes Playuela so peaceful.

Getting there...

red beach - vieques, puerto rico
Playa Caracas Beach - Red Beach

Convenient for driving up, dipping in and having a picinic.

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secret beach - vieques, puerto rico
Pata Prieta - Secret Beach

An ideal spot to unwind and a great spot to snorkel on the east side.

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blue beach - vieques, puerto rico
La Chiva - Blue Beach

Ogle over the ocean on this perfectly picturesque expansive beach.

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escondida - vieques, puerto rico

An intimate cove with beautiful white sand and turquoise water surrounded by green hills.

Most romantic...

orchid beach - vieques, puerto rico
Playa la Plata - Orchid Beach

"Plata" means silver in Spanish, therefore this beach is also referred to as Silver Beach.

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