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 Welcome to the Vieques Travel Guide

Everything you need to know about vacation rentals, lodging, transportation, and activities in Vieques, in order to make your visit a more enjoyable experience is one www.Enchanted-Isle.Com. Over the years Vieques has become more and more popular as a travel destination. It is easily accessible from San Juan by both small plane and ferry. It is a short flight or boat ride, unlike many of the more remote Caribbean destinations, and offers peace, quiet, and a casual ambience, which is a welcome change to many. The cares of the day just wash away, when you settle in in Vieques. The difficult part is having to leave.

Our Information page will give you an overview of what's available for Vieques hotels, Vieques guesthouses, and private Vieques vacation and Villa rentals, and also where to go for Vieques car rentals to get around. If you want to know how to get to Vieques from San Juan, we have that too. What's available in the Vieques Supermarkets? Yep! Vieques Diving, Vieques snorkeling, Vieques kayaking, and Vieques shopping, we have that too. It's all right here and up to date on Enchanted Isle.

"Isla del Encanto" in Spanish, she is even more beautiful than her name describes.  Vieques is located off the east coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques is the largest of the Spanish Virgin Islands. It is one of the Caribbean's "Best Kept Secrets"! 

Vieques has become one of the premiere Caribbean wedding destinations, because of our beaches, accessibility, and the wonderful food available from our chefs and caterers. From "lechón asado" to Nuevo Latino cuisine, Vieques has been written up in Puerto Rico and the US for its quality cuisine. The island has several wedding planners who will help take care of all the details so you can enjoy your special day.

This quaint little stop, Vieques is easily accessible from San Juan by small commuter airlines. Vieques is also available by ferry from Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

There are many Vieques guesthouses, Vieques hotels, and Vieques rental properties available to the traveler, but, as with any warm spot in the cold weather, you should make reservations before you arrive.  Through the links on the left or our from our Vieques hotels page or Vieques vacation rentals page.

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. . . view of Cayo de Afuera from Sun Bay in Esperanza

The W Retreat and Spa opened in
Vieques on April 1, 2010.
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The pristine beauty of Vieques is readily apparent from the time you first see her on your initial air or sea approach. There is an abundance of white sand and sun, and a year round temperature that rarely drops below 78°. The island dress is casual and most of the restaurants are open-air. There are local car rentals available, but you needn't feel restricted without one, as there are Publicos (taxis), scooters and bicycles available as well.

There are numerous things to do, but not toooo many. The main activity is the beach. There are many and they're all wonderful. Some are great for snorkeling, some for body surfing and they're all just right for relaxing. There are numerous SCUBA Tour companies in Vieques.  <more on the Vieques beaches>

There have been a lot of Vieques Weddings over the past few years, and many of the Vieques hotels offer packages and event planning to make your life easier. Also, there are Vieques Event Planners, Vieques Photographers, and more available on Vieques island.

Vieques is the home of El Fortin Condé de Mirasól, the last Spanish Fort built in the New World. It has been totally restored and is now a museum. Learn about Vieques history..  Or you could visit the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust museum or one of our local Art Galleries. 

Oh Yes, there's shopping. The shops range from Caribbean made clothing, local handmade pottery and jewelry to paintings, T-shirts, and hot sauces.

If that's not enough, there's also one of the last remaining and the most spectacular Vieques Bio-Luminescent Bays in the World to tour and swim in.

But mostly you can just relax and leave your cellular phone at home. No fast food here. Everything is done at a leisurely pace. Please don't rush, but do enjoy.

Vieques Lodging ranges from basic to luxurious. Some have air-conditioning, but most are cooled by the trade winds and ceiling fans. Prices range from about $70 - $350. There are also house & Villa rentals available with some spectacular views.

Fine cuisine has come to Vieques and there are many new spots to try. Vieques was written up in the San Juan Star as having some of the finest dining experiences in all of Puerto Rico. There are also many excellent Vieques restaurants which serve the local seafood, which is a must to sample. Of course, you can find a "Cheeseburger in Paradise", and there are many excellent vegetarian dishes served at most establishments. The pace is leisurely and remember, there is no fast food here. You're on vacation; slow down to Island Time[Vieques Restaurants]

Many travelers also ask 
"What's available on Vieques island for food, and do I have to bring it with me?"
Look <HERE> for your answers!

The Vieques information page is a listing of all of the numbers you need to get here and find a place to stay. There's even a link to pages of private, by owner, rentals and sales; both residential and commercial.

While in Vieques, remember you are visiting a very "old world" Spanish island where modesty in public is the norm, so Cover up! in town and on the street and leave the bikinis for the beaches.

The U.S. Navy left Vieques on May 1, 2003. The land they left behind was turned over to the U.S. Interior Department, and it is now managed under the direction of the US Fish and Wildlife Service as the largest Wildlife Refuge in the Caribbean. An environmental cleanup is in progress.

One last note* : If you're a golfer - this is still not the island for you. All we have is sand traps. And we do have some of the finest sand traps in all of Puerto Rico. But, unless you want to commute to Puerto Rico to play, you would probably be better situated at accommodations near or on one of that island's thirteen magnificent courses.

Enjoy your visit!
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