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Vieques After Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria has passed through Vieques and we are grateful for all of your countless well wishes. Our hearts and thoughts are with all who have been affected.

As always, Vieques’ community (both here and abroad) has bonded to restore our beautiful island. It will take some time to recover, but even though the island sustained devastating damage, the cleanup and restoration have already begun. Outstanding progress has been reported daily. However, there are some unknowns, such as when electricity will be restored, but we’ll keep you informed.

We pay well-deserved attention and appreciation to ViequesLove, a fantastic group that has formed to service the full scope of relief needs for the island post-Hurricane Maria. Please visit gofundme.com/viequeslove for more information or to make a donation.

We’re not ready yet, but we want to see you! If you are planning on visiting the island, Vieques will need visitors more than ever. The beaches are still pristine as ever and we look forward to your return. And again, we’ll keep you updated.

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