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Wildlife Reserve Beaches east

 Beach Hack:  Use baby powder to remove sand from feet. The powder absorbs the moisture from your skin and the sand falls off. Or bring a gallon jug of water to the beach to rinse off before getting in car.


Playuela   Garcia Beach
 Swim     Snorkel     Paddleboard   
Vieques has the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and the the most peaceful. The most popular are part of the Vieques Fish & Wildlife Refuge. Located closest to the entrance is Playuela, a beautiful stretch of beach with brilliant hues of blue that is separated from Playa Caracas by a sea cliff. To get there just turn right at the sign on the way to Playa Caracas. It is a bit of a walk from the parking area (approx. 1 mile) however, this is why Playuela is so peaceful.

 →  If your planning on paddleboarding best to park at Playa Caracas and paddle around the cliff to Playuela.

Playa Caracas

Playa Caracas   Red Beach
 Swim     Snorkel     Paddleboard
Most beaches in Vieques have a Spanish and an English name. Before the the land became a protected National Park Preserve the US Navy used color codes to designate landing zones on the beaches. Locals still refer to the beaches with the English name, however all beach signage is displayed with the Spanish name.

With its turquoise waters, surrounding hills and soft sand Playa Caracas (Red Beach) has become a favorite for locals. It's covered cabanas make it ideal for gatherings and picnics.

Pata Prieta

Pata Prieta   Secret Beach
 Swim     Snorkel
This used to be an unmarked beach, hence it is also known as secret beach. It's spanish name Pata Prieta literally translates to brown leg, "pata" meaning leg and "prieta" meaning brown. The beautiful coral on the east side of this beach and the calm clear waters make this a wonderful place to snorkel. A smaller parking area ensures that there will never be too many people.

La Chiva

La Chiva   Blue Beach
 Swim     Snorkel     Paddleboard
  Kid Friendly Calm & Shallow Waters
This long stretch of expansive blue beach is perfectly picturesque. There is no way to describe its beauty, you have to see it for yourself. There are small individual parking areas along the road with entrances to this beach.

 Insiders' Tip:  Look for the sign marked #10 it is a favorite spot where there is a large sandbar and it's shallow forever.

Playa Escodida

Playa Escondida
 Swim     Snorkel
eautiful white sands and turquoise water surrounded by green hills in an intimate cove. With only one access point and room for only two cars, there is a good chance you will have this romantic beach all to yourself. Playa Escondida is the ultimate cozy retreat. escondida beach - vieques, puerto rico

Playa la Plata

La Plata   Silver Beach, Orchid Beach
 Swim     Snorkel
There is more to explore at this beach. Short walks just beyond both sides of the beach take you to rocky terrain where you can explore the cacti in the drier climate zones. "Plata" means silver in Spanish, so this beach is sometimes referred to as Silver Beach. This beach is also lovingly named Orchid Beach by locals.


Public Beaches

The public beaches of Vieques are maintained by the Compañia de Parques Nacionales. Access is free Monday to Wednesday and there is a small fee* to enter Wednesday to Sunday.
*$2 cars & motorcycles, $3 vans, $4 buses.

Balneario Sun Bay,

Sun Bay Beach
 Swim     Snorkel     Paddleboard
 Snacks and Refreshments Available
You can spend the whole day and night here; Sun Bay has a campground, restrooms, showers, snack bar, telephones, palm trees to hang a hammock and plenty of parking.

In 2012 Sun Bay was awarded the International Blue Flag, an exclusive eco-label award given to beaches and marinas that meet strict criteria for both water quality and environmental management.

Media Luna

Media Luna
 Swim     Snorkel     Paddleboard
  Kid Friendly Calm & Shallow Waters
Shallow, secluded and calm, Media Luna (Half Moon) has become a hot spot for the most popular watersport of Vieques locals, stand up paddleboarding. It is also perfect for sitting in the serene water and relaxing. It's a bit of a bumpy ride to get here and a contrast to Navio’s rolling waves (seasonal) farther up the road.


 Swim & Bodysurf
This is one of the prettiest beaches on Vieques island. You'll find a small inset sea cave to the east, beautiful lava rock to climb and explore surrounding both sides, and when the surf's up body surfing is a blast. It is the furthest of the public beaches and quite difficult to get to due to the bumpy terrain, but it's well worth the adventure.


North Shore Beaches

 Beach Hack:  Bring a ziplock back to keep your phone clean and safe, you can use touch sensitive screens through the plastic.

Punta Arenas & Green Beach

Punta Arenas
Punta Arenas is to the right of green beach at the northwestern tip of Vieques Island where the Caribbean and the Atlantic meet. The currents are very strong at this point and swimming is not allowed.
Green Beach
 Swim     Snorkel
Green beach is on the south side of Punta Arenas and offers a sunny spot for swimming and some of the best snorkeling.

Playa Gallito

Playa Gallito   Gringo Beach
East of the airport and on the west side of the W hotel, Play Gallito has parking right off the road offering easy access. A sandy beach that is great for swimming, surfing and snorkeling this is the first beach you will pass (heading east) after leaving the airport. This beach is popular with locals who enjoy its convenience.

La Chata Beach

La Chata   Surfer Beach
 Walking     Surfing
Seasonal breezes in the Fall and Winter create waves that make this beach ideal for surfing. In the summer months the coral at the shallow part of the beach make it prohibitive for swimming but perfect for snorkeling amongst the sea life when the waters of the Atlantic are calm. Along this tropical beach you can enjoy beautiful views of Culebra, Culebrita and St. Thomas during the day and picturesque sunset walks in the late afternoon.


South Shore Beaches

 Beach Hack:  Freeze water in ziplock bags to use as ice packs, when your done you can use the bags to hold your wet bathing suits as you head out for some afternoon cocktails.

Esperanza Beach

Don't overlook this beach and what lies under it's crystal clear waters.

Esperanza Beach
 Swim     Snorkel     Paddleboard
This is a great beach for snorkeling. Explore under the Old Sugar Pier, as well as out by the cay (also known as Cayo Afuera, the small island off the coast). Look for stingrays, spotted eagle rays, turtles, sardines and other sea life here. We are told by avid snorkelers that if you go to the far west of esperanza (across from Tradewinds on the Malecon) you will discover a multitude of marine life heading west along the rocks.

Playa Grande

Playa Grande
Vieques' “Big Beach” is lush with palm trees, big rocks, and beautiful island views. Perfect for a meditative walk along the beach and relaxing while taking in the fantastic scenery.

Playa Negrita

Playa Negrita   Black Sand Beach
 Walking     Great Photo Spot
To get to the Black Sand Beach head west, away from Esperanza on 201 until you come to a small overpass (yellow guard rail) right before Gallery Galleon. The overpass goes over the dry river bed, this is where you will begin your hike. Just follow the dry river bed South toward the ocean until you reach the beach! (a little under a half mile)

 Fun Fact:  Magnatite, an organic volcanic mineral washes from the hillsides during rains to creates the black sand. Surrounded by clay cliffs and a clear blue sky that engulfs the beautiful black sand, this beach is certainly worth the hike.