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Diving & Snorkeling

LIfe is simple and tranquil on the island of Vieques, and even more so under the sea. Packed with breathtaking beaches but few people, the best part about diving in Vieques is that the island isn't dove much and there are a myriad of diving and snorkeling sites to choose from.

photo: Joe Lovotti

Dive In

Vieques offers excellent diving conditions for beginners as well as advanced divers. With maritime temperatures varying between 74 to 80 degrees, visibility upwards of 100 feet, bountiful diving locations including Angel Reef with healthy hard and soft corals, sponges and sea fans and Patti's Reef, which features swim-throughs, you might be surprised with all you will discover. For marine life, you may run into turtles, spotted eagle rays, large slipper lobsters or the occasional manatee or bottle nose dolphin. Also with a small island like Vieques, if the conditions aren't ideal in one location, it isn't hard to find a cove or different area to dive.

Vieques Dive Sites
1 Mosquito pier 8 Esperanza Pier
2 Cayo Blanco 9 Isla Chiva
3 Biplane 10 Blue Tang Reef
4 Doughnut 11 Horshoe & Lobster Reef
5 Patti's Reef 12 Angel Reef
6 Anchor & Bucky 13 Castle
7 Cayo Afuero 14 Twilight Zone
Casa de Amistad's Owen snorkeling in the Atlantic

photo: Joe Lovotti | Playa de la Chiva Blue Beach


Snorkeling in Vieques is spectacular, beneath the ocean's surface the island's dramatic views continue. Blessed with clear warm waters, this tropical playground is home to exquisite coral reefs, colorful aquatic life and so much more. Regular encounters include stingrays in the sandy areas, turtles in the grasses, and abundant fish and corals.

The shallow reefs right off the beaches arse perfect for beginners and there are several top-notch snorkeling services with instructors to take you to areas only accessible by kayak or boat. So, strap on a mask, snorkel and fins and explore the beautiful underwater world of Vieques!

photo: Joe Lovotti

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