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Bravo Beach Hotel's Carl snags a barracuda

Vieques is in the perfect position for all kinds of fishing. We have shallow flats and reefs all around the island which attract bonefish, tarpon, Jacks, snapper and more.

We are also about a mile and a half north of the Puerto Rico Trench, a six mile mountain of which Vieques is one of the peaks and most is sheer cliff to the ocean floor below. This makes it a great fishing area all along the edge and into the trench a bit. Here you find your dolphin (the fish), black fin tuna, mackerel, sail fish, grouper, yellowtail, and much more. If you are just looking for a fight, there are plenty of barracuda.

Vieques has become a great spot to flex your fishing muscles, whether it is the "Big Ones" off the coast in deep water or "flats fishing" with a fly rod and a guide.

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