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Hotels, Guesthouses
& Resorts

Acacia Guesthouse

Acacia Guesthouse   Esperanza
 5 Apartments
 Wifi    A/C in 4 Apartments
On-site free parking
$85-$150 night
787-741-1059 Location

Bravo Beach Hotel

Bravo Beach Hotel   Bravos de Boston
 18 Rooms
 Wifi    A/C     2 Pools
$120-$380 night
787-741-1128 Location

Casa de Amistad

Casa de Amistad   Isabel II
 9 Rooms
 Wifi    A/C     Pool
$80-$135 night
787-741-3758 Location

Cima del Mundo

Cima del Mundo   Villa Borinquen
 2 Suites
 3 Bedroom     1 Bath     Sleeps 6
 2 Bedroom     1 Bath     Sleeps 4
 Wifi    A/C     Pool
$1,150-$1,550 week $170-$200 night
914-475-4775 Location

Coco Loco

Coco Loco Guesthouse   Esperanza
 4 Rooms
 Wifi    A/C
$686-$1,028 week $75-$159 night
917-455-8952 Location

El Blok

El Blok   Esperanza
 22 Rooms
 Wifi    A/C    Rooftop Plunge Pool
  VAC Gear & Guidance Shop
787-741-6020 Location

Esperanza Inn

Esperanza Inn   Esperanza
 Multiple Rooms & Apartments
 Wifi available in the lounge and porch area.
 A/C     Pool
$98-$200 night
787-741-2225 Location

Hacienda Tamarindo

Hacienda Tamarindo   La Hueca
 17 Rooms
 Wifi    Heated Pool    All rooms have A/C
$155-$375 night
787-741-8525 Location

Hix Island House

Hix Island House   Pilon
 19 Loft Apartments Housed in Dramatically Situated Buildings
 Wifi     Pool     Outdoor Showers
Yoga, Kitchen, Breakfast
$135-$725 night
787-741-2302 Location

La Finca Caribe

La Finca Caribe   Pilon
 11 Bedroom     7 Bath     Sleeps 30+
$87-$1,300 night week
Multiple rooms and individual houses.
206-849-8369 Location

The Lazy Hostel

The Lazy Hostel   Esperanza
 Multiple Shared & Private Rooms
 Wifi    A/C
$30-$95 night
787-741-5555 Location

Malecón House

Malecón House   Esperanza
 13 Rooms
 Wifi    A/C     Pool
$160-$250 night
787-741-0663 Location

The Vieques Guesthouse

The Vieques Guesthouse   Just off the Malecón in Esperanza
 8 Rooms
 Wifi    A/C
$109-$225 night
787-435-1513 Location


Tradewinds   Esperanza
 Multiple Rooms & Deluxe Ocean View Apartments
 Wifi    A/C
Beach towels provided, daily housekeeping, breakfast included.
Rooms $85-$115 night Apartments from $180 night
787-741-8666 Location

Tropical Guest House

Tropical Guest House   Isabel II
 15 Rooms
 Free Wifi in Lobby    A/C
$75-$90 night
787-741-2449 Location

Villa Coral

Villa Coral   Esperanza
 6 Bedroom Guesthouse
 Wifi    A/C
$80-$185 night
787-981-6335 Location