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Living in Vieques

It's always summertime in Vieques and the living is easy! Because Vieques is a common wealth of the United States, all of the same regulations apply but more importantly, government tax breaks and incentives make Vieques Puerto Rico the most desirable place to purchase property.

Vieques is not just a best kept secret where you can get away from it all, it is also a favored low tax destination where Americans do not give up their citizenship. A person only needs to live 183 days a year on the island to become a legal resident and it has it's benefits.

How to Move to an Island: Vieques PR | Islands Magazine

"Marc packs for a weeklong stay. Turns out the obligatory post-graduation trip changes Marc’s life. Just not right away. His route to being an outfitter in the Caribbean will take 12 years, with a few turns along the way…" - Islands Magazine

Housing Incentives, Benefits for the buyer & benefits for the seller.

“Known for its white-sand beaches and killer rums, Puerto Rico hopes to stake a new claim: tax haven for the wealthy.” - New York Times

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Top 10 Ways to Live Like an Islander in Vieques

10. Have a Medalla Light.

9. Coffee at Roy's in the morning.

8. Go to the grocery store late Wednesday or early Thursdays when they receive their delivery.

7. Stop your car in the middle of the road to have a conversation (then get angry if someone stops in front of you later).

6. Fried chicken and ice cream on the way home from the beach at "Chicken King and Ice Cream".

5. Sunday funday at the beach.

4. Salsa dancing on the deck at La Nasa in Esperanza on Sunday afternoon.

3. Rum punch with Reenie on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at Al's Mar Azul.

2. Open-air vegtable market on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the intersection of Route 200 and 201.

1. Happily sharing the island with the Wild Horses, Roosters, Cats, Dogs, Mongooses and Iguanas!