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Paso Fino Horses

Wild  Paso Fino Horses
Paso Fino Horses in Vieques are not really wild, but run free in Vieques, most are owned by locals but enjoy the island life of freedom and nature.

El Fortin Conde de Mirasol

El Fortin Conde de Mirasol
Now a history and art museum where you can learn all about Vieques history, the historic fort is open Wed - Sun from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
For information call 787-741-4688.

Punta Mulas Lighthouse

Punta Mulas Lighthouse
Just east of the Isabel Segunda Ferry Dock, Punta Mulas Lighthouse is closed for renovations, however the grounds are open weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm.
For information call 787-741-5030.

Puerto Ferro Lighthouse

Puerto Ferro Lighthouse
The easiest of the hikes. If you drive all the way to parking area two it is only a short walk from the parking area to the lighthouse. To get there turn right directly after passing the entrance to the Wildlife Preserve (Garcia Gate) follow the signs to parking lot 1, go through parking lot one and follow the long gravel road all the way down to parking area two. From there it is a short walk to the lighthouse.

 Don't Miss:  To the left of the informational signage is a small trail that leads to the beach nestled between the nearby cliffs.

 Fun Facts:  Constructed in 1896 the Puerto Ferro Lighthouse, also know as Berdiales Lighthouse was built in a neoclassic style, similar to the Punta Mulas Lighthouse in Isabel II. It is 55 feet long and 35 feet wide and has an octagonal tower (approximately 28 feet in height) which had a railing of forged iron that bordered the external gallery of the tower. The cylindrical shaped lantern was made of forged iron, copper and crystal. It had a lens of the fifth order, whose white light had a reach of 12 miles that completed a full turn every six minutes. It was one of the last lighthouses constructed by the Spanish government in Puerto Rico.

The lighthouse was functional until 1926, when an earthquake caused structural damage, after which it was abandoned.

Playa Negrita

Playa Negrita    Black Sand Beach
Located on the south shore of Vieques, the black sand beach is a natural wonder.

Playa Grande Sugar Mill Ruins

Playa Grande Sugar Mill Ruins
The mill was abandoned in 1942 but the ruins are still there. Even though it is located right off the road look carefully or you will miss the crumbling walls covered with vegetation. Hike around the Playa Grande Sugar Mill on your own or take one of the occasional tours given by the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust.

Hombre de Puerto Ferro

Hombre de Puerto Ferro
Marked by a sign off 997, east of Esperanza, is the burial site of the Indian know as "Hombre de Puerto Ferro". The 4000 year old skeleton was found buried in the center of the large rocks.

Legend has it that when you are ready to make a great change, touch the rocks and the "Hombre" will guide you in the new direction.

400 year Old Ceiba Tree

Ceiba Tree
West of the airport on the road to Punta Arenas and Green Beach lies Vieques' 400 year old Ceiba tree. The Ceiba is the national tree of Puerto Rico.

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