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Surfing & Paddleboarding

When in Vieques, do as the locals do. Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP has become the most popular watersport of Vieques locals, no waves needed just a board and paddle. And the best thing is if you don't feel like standing up you can just kneel and paddle or take a break and hang out on your board.

If you haven’t tried stand up paddling in Vieques, we highly recommend that you do! You don't need to be an athlete for this sport, a stand up paddleboard is essentially a wider, longer surfboard that is designed for use on flatwater and surf. The volume of the board makes it easy to stand up and paddle with both stability and mobility. To get started you can sit, kneel or stand, whichever is most comfortable. Once standing you'll get a full-body workout as you discover and explore the beachfront. With its calm clear waters, the protected coastlines of Vieques are the perfect place to hone your skills.