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Top 10 Things to Know Before Visiting Vieques

Photo: Tita Camacho

10. Don't need a passport if you are a US Citizen.

9. Most people speak English, US dollar is the currency, the outlets are the same as the US and you can drink the water!

8. Reserve a car now. You cannot bring a rental car from the main island and there are very few on Vieques so it is imperative to reserve a car well in advance of your trip.

7. There's no daylight savings time. We've got plenty of daylight to go around!

6. Tipping is 15 to 20%.

5. Broki means buddy, mano means dude, wepa means cool and brutal means amazing.

4. The downturn in Puerto Rico's economy has not noticebly changed Vieques. Services on the island remain the same and tourism is up.

3. Unless you have extra time/days in your schedule, do not take the ferry. It is not charming and is often delayed or filled to capacity. There are many airlines to choose from which are convienent, friendly and fast.

2. The people you meet on your trip over, you will see again and again. Vieques is a small island and you can't help but make friends along the way.

1. You're on island time, relax, breathe it all in and enjoy the relaxed pace. Things happen slower here, isn't that the best reason to visit an island?