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What 2 Know
B4 U Go

 Vieques Hack:  Get the cash & the gas before the weekend, especially during the holdays! because the ATMs can run out of cash and the stations can run out of gas.

Travel Tips

No Passport Needed...

No Passport Needed   for US Citizens
Vieques, Puerto Rico is a US Commonwealth therefore, you do not need a passport if you are travelling from within the US and have a valid US driver's license. If you are travelling to any other Carribean destination you may need a passport and should check with your local US embassy.

Do I Need to Bring a Power Adapter?

US Standard Outlets
If you are travelling from the US and have standard electronics with you, there is no need for an adapter. 110 Volts, A.C., is the standard voltage in Vieques, as in the United States. Regular American Type plugs

Reserve a Car Right Away!

Reserve a Car   As Soon as Possible
Reserve a car well in advance. Vieques is a small island with limited rental cars available. There are many isolated and secluded beaches that you will want to visit that can only be reached by automobile, preferably a jeep or 4-wheel drive as many of the roads to the beachs are unpaved, filled with holes and bumpy!

Do it in the Dark!

Bio-Bay   Best Time to Visit
For the best viewing conditions book your tour for the DARKEST nights when there is VERY LITTLE, TO NO VISIBLE MOON in the sky. The darker the night sky the brighter the lights.


While U R Here

Vieques tried-and-true tips by islanders and friends who know what they're talking about!

Where Can I Find a Great Tasting, Fresh, Budget Friendly Food?

Street Eats   Sol Food
At the entrance to the Wildlife Reserve Beaches is Sol Food, a food cart that uses fresh ingredients, has vegetarian selections and was ranked among the top restaurant in Vieques on trip advisor. The word is out on this spot; noted in Caribbean Travel + Life's Caribbean Confidential and fawned over by the world's best chefs "Ducasse was blown away by the carnitas, commenting on the clean balance of flavors".

Where Can I Get Fresh Fruit & Veggies?

Open-air produce market
For fresh fruit/produce visit the open-air market located on route 201 at the intersection of 200 and 201. Three days a week in season Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (off season Tuesdays and Fridays) you can stop here and stock up on fresh fruits as well as a range of fresh produce.

Where Can I Find Fresh Fish?

Fish Market   Pescaderia Angelyz
For fresh fish visit Pescaderia Angelyz right next to the Ferry Port. Open Mon to Sat 10:00AM to 3:00 PM. Get there early, if it is closed that means all the fresh fish is sold out, or the weather conditions are not suitible for fishing that day. 787-349-8660, 787-918-0559

Best Beach Spot!

Playa La Chiva   Number 10
Look for the sign marked #10 it is a favorite location on Playa La Chiva (Blue Beach) where there is a large sandbar and it's shallow forever.


Vieques Travel Checklist

▢  airline tickets or e-ticket

▢  proof of us citizenship (or passport)

▢  wallet and fanny pack

▢  driver's license and auto insurance card (for car rental)

▢  medical insurance cards and medical history

▢  cash & credit cards

▢  copies of airline tickets, passports/visas, itinerary

▢  reservation confirmations (car, bio-bay, tours)

▢  contact numbers to report lost/stolen credit cards

▢  emergency numbers at home

▢  prescription drugs and any other essential medications

▢  glasses, contacts, contact cleaner

▢  extra reading glasses

▢  bug spray

▢  sun screen/sun block and lip sunblock

▢  sunglasses

▢  reading sunglasses

▢  hats/caps/visors

▢  reading material

▢  cell phone and charger

▢  PDA and charger

▢  home and email addresses of friends/relatives back home

▢  laptop computer

▢  binoculars

▢  camera

▢  disposable underwater camera

▢  extra memory cards for digital camera

▢  batteries for digital camera

▢  battery charger

▢  travel alarm clock

▢  hair dryer

▢  small umbrella

▢  ear plugs (there are many roosters on Vieques that get up early!)

▢  germicidal hand cleaner

▢  travel-sized Woolite

▢  small first aid kit